Restaurant Scenes

Quests de Cuisine.

Carol Colitti Levine’s adventures in eating at the best restaurants in San Francisco, Northampton, and New York City. A hobby. A passion. A book. Table’s Edge.

Her Dad introduced her to the best spots in Manhattan when she traveled with him on business as a young girl, from Western Massachusetts in the 1960’s.

After college, she moved to New York, met Gary and a whole new culinary sojourn ensued, mostly in Greenwich Village.

Living in San Francisco from 1982-1994, Jeremiah Tower and Joyce Goldstein reigned supreme. Trendy new restaurants opened every week it seemed.

On to New England, back home in the Pioneer Valley, the dining destination 1995-2005, where Table’s Edge was born.

Visiting son Ben at NYU & Ogilvy from 2007, our Flatiron hotel brought new neighborhood tastes to try.

Now. Retired to Central Park West in 2016. The journey continues.