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Al Fresco All Year!

Great news. Today the City ruled that outdoor dining will be permanent. Through all seasons. The innovative solutions will continue to be a challenge in the cold weather. But. It’s great that restaurateurs can have the opportunity to try to survive through the winter since indoor tables and bar seats will be limited at best for many months to come.

Limited Dining Return

On September 30, 25% indoor capacity will be allowed. Outdoor dining can continue as well. But you can’t sit at or drink at a bar even if it’s in the restaurant. Gramercy Tavern has reopened. So. 1 out of our favorite 3 Taverns. We’ll take it.

NYC Dining – Out

NYC’s restaurants cannot open for indoor dining until at least next Spring. Outdoor seating has brought some activity for owners. But. Come winter that’ll even cease. How can any business survive this environment? Sad. Until the Taverns open again, there are no signs of neighborhood life returning to Manhattan. Oxbow. Gramercy. On-the-Green.

Create & Innovate

Restaurants are getting special permits to have sidewalk and curbside spaces for safe-distanced outside dining. Even scaffolding didn’t deter Patsy’s. Well done, all. Photo by Gwen H.

Last Supper?

March 6, 2020. Birthday dinner in my favorite booth with my two favorite guys at our traditional mainstay Gramercy Tavern. Danny Meyer has since announced that he would not be re-opening this or any of his fine dining restaurants until there is a vaccine for Covid19. His hallmark focus on service and ambience cannot be achieved with mask-wearing, socially distanced chefs, sommeliers & waitstaff. So. Maybe that was a last supper for some time to come.          

Taking It to the Streets!

New York should partially open its streets, using now-empty bike and/or car lanes for pedestrians so sidewalks can be used for al fresco dining. Safe – distancing outside will bring customers, income & jobs to neighborhoods.