Seasonal Tasting


Perfection again. Gramercy Tavern. Photos by Susie.

Marinated Fluke
Grapefruit, Cucumbers and Basil
Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Vacheron, Le Paradis, Sancerre, France 2015



Lobster Salad
Spiced Carrots, Rhubarb and Barley
Chardonnay, Arnot-Roberts, Watson Ranch, Napa Valley, California 2015

Asparagus, Guanciale and Yogurt
Grüner Veltliner, Jäger, Smaragd Achleiten, Wachau, Austria 2015

Spinach Tortellini
Maitake Mushrooms and Pickled Ramps
Nebbiolo, Ar.Pe.Pe., ‘Stella Retica’ Sassella Riserva, Valtellina Superiore, Italy 2006

Pasture Raised Beef
Charred Onion, Wild Rice and Green Garlic
Tempranillo, Senorio de P. Pecina, Reserva, Rioja, Spain 2006



Gramercy Bday 2017


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gramercy-cakeGramercy Tavern. Dinner tasting menu. Wine pairings. With my favorite two guys. Best gift!


Ciao Da Silvano


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Da Silvano closed this week. Arrivederci to an Italian classico. Dating favorite in Greenwich Village from back in the early ’80’s. And many times since. Outdoor sidewalk people watching. Cozy indoor ziti al forno. Abalone was the best thing ever. Can still taste it. Extinction now for both.

Recalls the fall of another landmark Italian trattoria from my youth. Wedding eve fest capped decades of vino and festas at the Grotta Azzurra on Mulberry & Broome in Little Italy. From the days of Enrico Caruso. Grapevines and arches. Closed for six years. But. Just looked it up. It’s open again. Who knew?

NYC Picks & Pans



118212435_158ec34475_zLots of restaurant experiences in past several weeks. Favorite spot to hang on a beautiful Fall day~ Tavern on the Green outside bar. Resort in the Park.

Other faves. Mermaid Inn. 88th & Amsterdam. Best little necks. A.G. Kitchen. Columbus Avenue staple in the ‘hood. Fresh & good. Isabella’s. Fun outside people-watching next to Natural History Museum. Scene better than cuisine.

Just okay. Cafe Luxembourg. Upper Broadway. A bit dated. Untitled at the Whitney in the Meat Packing. Uninspired space in a touristy vibe. The Ribbon. Near the Dakota. Dark more winter cozy. Back room better. Tessa. By the Beacon. Uneven and unmemorable. With the requisite scaffolding.

Won’t go back. Motorino new pizza parlor uptown. A bit soggy thin crust. Cafe Frida. Mexican with no flare. Cesca. Dingy room. Canned Italian.

Table’s Edge Celebs


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Famous people found around the Table’s Edge. Besides Elizabeth Taylor.

Rachel Maddow. A regular at Green Street Café. She was a local radio personality in Northampton, Massachusetts before she rose to Queen of MSNBC.

Sous-chef at Curtis & Schwartz, Gabrielle Hamilton. She became acclaimed author of Blood, Bones & Butter and still holds court at her East Village gem, Prune.

President Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge Park Café.

Liz Taylor & Lobster


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Virginia Woolf meets Jim Wolff’s waitress. My favorite obituary headline ever:

“Amongst her many jobs, Helen was a waitress at the former Williams House, where she was the only waitress who could tell Elizabeth Taylor that one lobster was enough.”
-Daily Hampshire Gazette

Elizabeth Taylor was at Smith College in the 60’s filming “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, with Richard Burton. Assume that’s when she may have tried to indulge in local lobster binge-ing and Helen Lavalle would have none of it. The old Williams House in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, was famous for its haute cuisine brought to the Valley by Jim Wolff, featured in Table’s Edge.

Great Holiday Season!


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Thanks to all who bought Table’s Edge this holiday season and over the past 10 + years. As we migrate back to our roots in New York City this Spring, we will remember our time in Northampton, Massachusetts in the Pioneer Valley. Those who retain their great cuisine are India House and La Veracruzana. Godspeed and good eating.

~ Carol Colitti Levine