Old San Fran

1980’s – 1990’s


Hayes Street Grill, Olive’s Pizza Patty Unterman

Winchell’s Donuts Pacific and Van Ness

Harris Steak House Van Ness

Tutto Bene Van Ness

Le Central Bush

Bix Gold Alley

Taxi South of Market

Masa’s Bush

Trader Vic’s Cosmo Place

Aqua California

Tadich Grill California

Roti Steuart oysters and sancerre Good Friday

L’Avenue Nancy Oakes on Third then
Boulevard One Mission

Prego Union

Perry’s Union original (Lance)

La Cucina Union breakfast

L’Escargot Union

Le Castel Sacramento

Square One Joyce Goldstein Jackson Square

Washington Square Bar & Grill Ed Moose

Stars Jeremiah Tower Redwood Alley

Mandarin Cecilia Chiang, Ghirardelli Squrare