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Category: Restaurants

Eleven Madison Move

Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron closed for renovations. Chefs opening a pop-up in the old Moby’s spot in Amagansett. EMP Summer House. If you’re reading this, too late to get a rez!  

Table’s Edge Celebs

Famous people found around the Table’s Edge. Besides Elizabeth Taylor. Rachel Maddow. A regular at Green Street Café. She was a local radio personality in Northampton, Massachusetts before she rose to Queen of MSNBC. Sous-chef at Curtis & Schwartz, Gabrielle Hamilton. She became acclaimed author of Blood, Bones & Butter and still holds court at her East Village gem, Prune. President Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge Park Café.

Great Season!

Thanks to all who bought Table’s Edge this holiday season and over the past 10 + years. As we migrate back to our roots in NYC this Spring, we will remember our time in Northampton & the Pioneer Valley. Those who retain their great cuisine are India House and La Veracruzana. Godspeed and good eating. ~ Carol Colitti Levine