118212435_158ec34475_zLots of restaurant experiences in past several weeks. Favorite spot to hang on a beautiful Fall day~ Tavern on the Green outside bar. Resort in the Park.

Other faves. Mermaid Inn. 88th & Amsterdam. Best little necks. A.G. Kitchen. Columbus Avenue staple in the ‘hood. Fresh & good. Isabella’s. Fun outside people-watching next to Natural History Museum. Scene better than cuisine.

Just okay. Cafe Luxembourg. Upper Broadway. A bit dated. Untitled at the Whitney in the Meat Packing. Uninspired space in a touristy vibe. The Ribbon. Near the Dakota. Dark more winter cozy. Back room better. Tessa. By the Beacon. Uneven and unmemorable. With the requisite scaffolding.

Won’t go back. Motorino new pizza parlor uptown. A bit soggy thin crust. Cafe Frida. Mexican with no flare. Cesca. Dingy room. Canned Italian.