Corona Closings

Coronavirus is taking its toll on the dining scene.

Danny Meyer’s hospitality group is closing his restaurants for at least a couple of weeks including Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café. Glad we enjoyed them recently. Also, Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin. Cannot gauge how much fresh fish and seafood especially would be needed in these times. Daniel Boulud has decided to suspend operations at all of his sites “until it is safe to re-open”.

Gotham Bar & Grill announced it is closing permanently. Last service tonight. Probably tipped by coronavirus but teetering with its new chef even before that. Alfred Portale has moved on to his eponymous new restaurant. Who knows how long that’ll last.

Neighborhood spots like Oxbow Tavern and Asset and Da Capo are open for the moment. Again… for how long?

Not easy being in the business any time, but now near impossible.

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